4 Week Diet

Sue Jones


My name is Sue Jones and I'm 32 years old, I work as an Analyst for a bank and this is my story.


Sue BeforeAbout 4 months ago I was overweight, doing no exercise and had an unhealthy diet. I wanted to do something about it but I was scared of failure, as I'd dieted successfully twice before on diet plans, but couldn't keep it going and then put more weight on than when I started! I weighed 14st 6lbs!


Three things happened to give me the motivation to make a change:


1.  I saw a holiday photo (the picture to the left) and realised how bad I looked.


2.  People kept asking me when my baby was due!


3.  Finally my doctor told me I had high blood pressure and had to do something about it or I'd be taking medication for the rest of my life


Sue AfterAlthough I was very determined to succeed, I did find it emotionally and mentally challenging, particularly when I had an injury that stopped me from exercising for a few weeks. It was difficult to stay positive, but having Jago's support helped me to keep doing what exercise I could, and not ditch my healthy eating because of a set back.


I'm so happy now because my blood pressure is totally normal and I have loads more energy. The comments I get from friends and family about how good I look is the icing on the cake (and I still eat cake once in a while). I now weigh a healthy 11st 6lbs.


Having a personal trainer has really made the difference for me, not only is Jago someone who motivates and encourages me, he has also helped me to manage and plan my lifestyle so that the changes I've made are long-term and work with a busy life.


If you're reading this story then I doubt you need any advice, I'd just say keep positive and don't let any set backs ruin the progress you've made so far.


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