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Jago HolmesHi there, thanks for visiting ‘4 Week Diet.com’ and welcome. My name is Jago Holmes and I’m the creator of this website and the author of the training program – ‘The 4 Week Diet'


I’m a personal trainer based here in the UK with my own training company – New Image Fitness Limited. We work mainly with clients on a one to one basis or in small groups and we’ve being doing this very successfully for nearly 10 years now.


We get fantastic results with the many clients that we are lucky to work with and this is due mainly to the great trainers that work for us and the advice, motivation and guidance that we all provide to our clients.


Expert Author for Ezinearticles.comI regularly write for local press and ezinearticles.com and have created a range of health and fitness related digital eBooks and weight loss packages. I also present weight loss seminars as well as running my acclaimed '8 week weight loss challenge'.


I completed the majority of my training at the University of Leeds, finally gaining the YMCA Personal Trainer Award (one of the highest and most respected qualifications available in the UK for Personal Trainers) in 2000 after 3 years of study. I've been a personal trainer and weight loss coach ever since.


Being Personal Trainers, THE Main Question We Always Get Asked is 'How Can I Lose Weight Fast Without it Taking Over the Rest of My Life'?


And to be honest this question is pretty much what I've spent most of my time researching and working on over the course of my career. I've tried many different approaches and techniques on my clients in my quest to find the 'ultimate' fat loss diet.


Essentially I've had the benefit of testing and trialling virtually every weight loss gimic, gismo, supplement and diet that has been invented over the last 10 years and as you would expect, the majority of these things just didn't work or could be harmful to your health.


But out of these tests, I have been able to find some real 'gems' of wisdom that really do work. And I've included these in the program.


However I didn't simply want to create a diet that works quickly, no that's the easy part. The real skill is to create a weight loss diet that works super fast but doesn't mean having to put the rest of your life on hold whilst following it.


Strict, restrictive diets don't work...


They're too overfacing and difficult to do. So the real key is to make losing weight easy AND fast, but also in such a way that has the smallest impact on your life.


Gone are the days of simply dieting. In order to get MAXIMUM results from your efforts you need to use a combination of techniques to boost fat loss far beyond what was possible before, but at the same time not having to live the life of a nun!



So This is the Reason Why I Created 'The 4 Week Diet.'


It's a super fast weight loss diet, that easily fits in to your lifestyle, that allows you to have the odd treat, using gentle activity to burn stored fat whilst making the most of recent developments in the supplement industry to speed up the whole process.


It's taken me many years of experience to get to this point where I can genuinely say that this 4 week diet will work for anyone, but I truly believe this is true... In fact I even guarantee it will work.


And here are some of the reasons why I can make this guarantee, because in the 4 Week Diet, I've included all the information you need. Inside you'll discover...

Tick box3 jam packed manuals which contain everything you'll ever need to know about burning fat fast. How to plan your meals and life around losing weight and then keep it off easily, so you can be showing off your new honed body on the beach instead of covering it up in embarrassment


Tick boxHow to use the power of the mind to win the war of your body. Some simple and quick techniques you can use everyday to make choosing the 'right' foods as natural to you as breathing.


Tick boxHow to cycle the foods you eat to increase your body's ability to burn fat fast and why traditional eating patterns will only have the opposite effect on your metabolic rate meaning you'll only get bigger.


Tick boxHow to use gentle exercise to systemtically melt away fat without ever setting foot inside a gym. This means you can lose weight on your own without having to exercise in front of Lycra clad bimbo's or muscle bound posers that hang out at most local health clubs.



I've Spent Hundreds of Hours Researching, Testing and Developing This System, So You Don't Need to Search For Answers Any More, It's All Been Done For You...


This 4 week diet contains everything you need to know in order to burn fat at the fastest rate possible and change your body shape forever.


If you'd like to find out more about how you can take all the guesswork out of losing weight and a way to do it in the fastest way possible, then go over here to read all about it - 4 week diet