4 Week Diet

Lizzie Crofts


My name is Lizzie, I am 20 years old and currently working as a hotel receptionist, this is my story. 


Lizzie BeforeWhen I was at school I was quite a heavy girl and I didn’t like it, so I started exercising and eating properly.  I went down to a dress size 10, it was great, I was confident and happy at that time.


In 2004 I was a very fit girl, training at a kickboxing club four times a week with a good job.  Then everything changed for different reasons.  Last year was quite difficult to deal with and I got stressed out, not only with my weight but I was also getting turned down for every job that I applied for and I felt useless. 


Without realising it I had continued to put weight on, I felt that I was going back to how I used to be.  So I tried going to the gym and controlling my diet but it just didn’t work.  I saw the 8 week challenge in the paper and decided to do it with my mum.


Throughout the 8 weeks I feel my highlights and achievements were meeting all of my 4 and 8 week goals.  I worked hard and know I will continue with this healthy lifestyle no matter what. 


Lizzie AfterThe trainers at New Image are extremely helpful and it didn’t feel as if I was being bullied in to exercise instead I felt advised and encouraged, after all that is what I was there for.


I now feel much more confident in the clothes I wear and I now have the motivation to train for the Great north run and eventually the London marathon.  I would advise anybody that is feeling stuck in a rut whether it be weight gain or any other problems to start training, this will give them something to aim for.  I thought that because I hadn’t achieved anything in the last year I had to prove to myself that I can do something in my life and I did, anyone can too. 


Don’t say I’ll do it tomorrow if it’s really bothering you, start today.  It takes hard work and dedication but if you really want it you’ll get there.


Lizzie lost 22lbs, 10cm off her waist, 8cm off her hips, 7% body fat and had one of the biggest improvements in her fitness of the group.


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