4 Week Diet

Kate Rowlands


Kate beforeAfter having two babies, both by c-section,  I felt like I needed some guidance and direction to get my body back in shape, particularly my tummy.


I’d tried various workout DVD’s and diet plans but couldn’t get into a routine with any of them and became de-motivated and gave up.


Within 6 weeks of working with Jago, I found that every aspect of my body shape had dramatically improved.

Kate After 

I started to become toned and had definition throughout.


The training plan was mutually agreed and was easy to fit into my daily life.


The exercises focusing on my tummy were basic yet the results through regularly doing them were literally amazing and incredibly quick.


I also found the advice on diet, health and general fitness activity was extremely beneficial and helped to keep me motivated between sessions.


The sessions themselves were challenging but rewarding as each week my fitness improved and I could do more and have less rest period between activities.


I’ve found the whole experience completely uplifting and the support has given me the chance to fully enjoy being me again and not a Mummy with a big tummy!


Well done Kate, what a transformation!


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