4 Week Diet

Jeff Gill


My name is Jeff Gill, I’m 27 and an engineer from Halifax.


Jeff BeforeWhen my clothes started getting tighter and tighter there was only so long I could convince myself that they were shrinking in the wash…No, it was time I had to admit that I was out of shape and living an unhealthy lifestyle.


I was always a quite fit and active person. I never had to worry about what I ate or what exercise I did.


But after leaving the RAF a combination of poor diet, more sedentary life, and unfortunately getting older meant I started putting on weight. The problem was the more weight I put on the less motivation and confidence I had to get up and do things that would help.


I had a terrible diet, I ate fatty foods very often and I would just grab a bag of crisps or biscuits whenever I was bored or watching TV. I was also drinking a lot of beer almost every day. I was always feeling tired, run down and never had any energy or motivation to do anything.


I wanted to change and get back to how I used to be, I kept saying I would do something about it and get back in shape, but I was always going to start tomorrow.


Jeff AfterMy tomorrow finally came when I saw the 4 week boot camp advertised from new image, this proved to be the kick-start that I needed, I was going twice a week to the class, but also doing something on my own most other evenings after work. I started getting more energy and was a lot happier in general. The more I exercised the better I felt, and the more exercise I wanted to do, this was the total opposite to how I was before.


I realised that if I changed my diet and ate more healthily then this would improve things further. I changed what I ate and how often, I went from 2 meals a day with lots of snacks in between and lots of beer in the evening to eating healthy food every 3 hours or so, and dramatically cut down on the booze. I was surprised how much this affected me, I never felt hungry or the urge to snack like I used to and the weight started to slowly come off, and my waist was getting thinner and thinner each week.


When you start to see the change in yourself it is a great feeling, and you realise that all the hard work is finally paying off. Consistency though is the key to getting the results you want, you really have to stick at it…but the more time and effort you put in the greater and faster the results you get back.


It’s also so much easier if you actually enjoy what you’re doing, so try different things and don’t just keep doing an exercise if you don’t enjoy it no matter how good it’s supposed to be for you, exercising should be something you look forward to and not a chore.


Regular training and a healthy diet are an important part of my life now, and it’s hard to imagine living my old lifestyle again. My confidence has risen, and I’m happy that I can fit back into my clothes that had all ‘shrunk’ before.


I can highly recommend new image for anyone who wishes they were fitter, thinner or even just healthier it’s fun, motivating and in my opinion well worth the money. It may be just the kick-start that you need too.


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