4 Week Diet

James Denton


My name is James Denton and I am a director of John Crowther printing in Ripponden, this is my story.


James BeforeEighteen months ago I weighed 18 stone 3lbs, I was unhealthy, had no self esteem, and was very self conscious about my body. I knew I was over weight but was in denial as to my actual weight. I had no motivation and drunk every evening, eating regular take aways. Physical activity or exercise wasn’t even a consideration. Things had to change and change quickly.


I learned from a friend about New Image Personal Training and decided to speak to one of their trainers. I was quite nervous and felt very daunted by the fact that I had to change. So off we set on a journey which was to alter my life forever. Initially I was set monthly targets which once reached gave me more determination to reach further goals. 12 months in and I had hit my weight loss target which was 13 stone. The next stage was to improve my fitness and give up smoking.


During this time my fitness improved so dramatically from those early days that everything I did felt so much easier. An accomplishment I would never have achieved before was to win a charity rowing event. The final stage where I now find myself is trying to achieve a perfect body, but is there such a thing as ‘the perfect body’.


James AfterThese days I have so much more confidence in my appearance, I can wear the clothes I always wanted to wear. Shopping is a pleasure and exercise and healthy eating has become a necessary part of my life.


So how did I do it?


I dramatically changed my diet, I now drink only in moderation, out went the take aways which we now only have once a week. I have consistently been training with New Image personal training twice a week which is the best money I have ever spent; I feel you can’t put a price on your health. The support and guidance that I get from the team is exceptional. There is always an encouraging word of support and guidance in both exercise and diet which I greatly appreciate.


These days I see my health as a long term investment, consistently maintaining the fitness which has become a pivotal part of my life, I have a steady constant weight of around 13 stone and can now proudly sport a six pack.


I truly believe had I continued on the course of self destruction I was on I would have died of a heart attack at the age of 50. Its never too late to get in to great shape and believe me life is much, much better being slim and healthy than being fat and overweight.


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