4 Week Diet

Gaye Crofts


My name is Gaye Crofts, I am 53 years old and a full time housewife and carer.  I care for my mother who lives with us.  This is my story.


Gaye BeforeLizzie my youngest daughter and I both felt unhappy about our figures so when we saw Jago’s advert in the Evening Courier we decided to join the 8 week challenge. We did it together so we both had continuous encouragement along the way. This was a great idea for the support we gave each other, also the three trainers pushed us knowing that we could improve quickly.


I have tried to lose weight on numerous occasions but I always put it back on.  Jago educated me as to why my previous weight attempts hadn’t worked and instead how to eat healthily and exercise regularly. 


After a week with Jago I felt much more energetic and now it is just part of daily life.  I always manage to fit in a run, a walk or a swim.  I have also got in to the habit of preparing wholesome and healthy meals and now steer clear of too much fat and sugar.  I find the hardest thing is to drink 2 litres of water a day, but I have managed to cut down on coffee.


I feel very good about myself and I am proud that I lost my middle aged spread.  I achieved all the goals I set myself and my diet has changed considerably to a much healthier one. 


Gaye AfterI would advise anyone wanting to get fit to join one of Jago's groups, the challenge has been really brilliant, I have enjoyed it very much.  The trainers and other contestants have been great fun.  Everyone encourages each other and the sessions are good and each one is varied.  What an excellent way to kick start a new healthy way of life.


Gaye showed the best improvement in her fitness of the entire group. She lost 17lbs, 17cm off her waist, 7cm off her hips, 1.7% body fat and looked dramatically different at the end of the challenge.


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