4 Week Diet

Emma Clarkson


My name is Emma Clarkson and I followed Jago’s 8 week ‘Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan’. 


Emma BeforeAfter giving birth to a premature baby in June and my baby having to spend 2 months in hospital, the last thing I had been thinking about was losing my baby weight and claiming my body back.


Take aways and snacks on go were becoming more of a routine. Once my baby was home, it was time for me to face the truth. I didn't like looking at myself, and the prospect of buying clothes for myself filled me with dread.


I knew I needed to do something but was unsure how was going to combine healthy eating, exercise and 2 children. 


After I saw Jago for the first time, I felt confident that eating and exercise plan would help me lose weight, but also support and help my body recover from the pregnancy. The eating plan was very easy to follow.


Emma AfterAll meals were simple and easy to prepare, which of course is essential when you are on the go with a baby. Some meals can be prepared in advance, such as the homemade soups, which have been really tasty. Non of the foods on the plan, were expensive 'diet' products. It was just simple, but tasty healthy eating.


The exercise plan was really easy. I thoroughly enjoyed going for a walk everyday with my baby. It even gave me the confidence to rejoin the gym.


I also saw my fitness levels increase, which made me feel so much better about myself.


I would recommend the programme to any new mum, its realistic and more of a way of life now rather than a programme.


Best wishes




Emma lost 17lbs, 12cm off her waist and 11cm off her hips in just under 8 weeks.

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